Here are our machine specifications:


CNC Vertical Machining Centers with 3, 4 and 5 axis capabilities

CNC Turning Centers with live tool capabilities

CNC Swiss Lathe w/ sub spindles and live tool capabilities

CNC 4-axis wire EDM



ANOGRAPHIX is a CTE proprietary service provided for selectively anodizing titanium without the use of laser marking. Anograhix allows multi-color anodizing schemes of any combination of colors. Anographix provides a line on an implant where the use of laser marking is not preferred. Anographix also provides an alternative to other non-laser methods without adding significant costs to the product on which it is applied. Anographix does not change the characteristics of the material any more than that of standard titanium anodizing. CTE does recommend that their customers test their product.



Other in-house services:

Laser Welding


Various Grit and Bead Blasting

Shot Peening

Type II & III Titanium Anodizing

Laser Marking

Passivation per ASTM F86 & ASTM A967

Packaging and Labeling